Bringing Pharma grade automation to 503b

Medivant Healthcare offers healthcare providers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to manufacture high quality sterile injectables reliably, affordably, and quickly with our state-of-the-art premier facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Founded in 2015 and based in Phoenix, Arizona, Medivant Healthcare operates a fully automated CGMP FDA registered facility that produces Single Dose liquid injectable vials (1-10 ml each) in volume daily. We ensure consistent, reliable production of generic medications approved by the FDA on its Injectable Drug Shortage list. We aim to meet the demand for these medications throughout the country by ramping up our production in the next year.

Medivant Healthcare is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry, providing high quality products reliably, efficiently, affordably, and at scale for hospitals, healthcare providers, and their patients.

Syringe and vials of injectable medication on blue.

US Based Manufacturer

Full Automation Ensuring Sterility

Scalable Production

Consistent, Reliable Processes

High quality products delivered on time

Stringent quality process ensures safe medications

Robust supply chain supports business needs

Robust expertise of pharmaceutical supply chain