What We Do at Medivant Healthcare

Single Dose Vials

At Medivant Healthcare, our core activity is the production of sterile injectable medications, essential in modern medical care. Operating from our fully automated facility in Chandler, Arizona, we focus on manufacturing Single Dose Liquid Injectable vials with a commitment to quality, safety, and adherence to cGMP and FDA standards. Our daily production capabilities, targeting both common and shortage-list medications, play a crucial role in meeting healthcare needs across the United States.

Pre-filled Syringes

Medivant Healthcare is at the forefront of retina care innovation with our repackaged Avastin ® in prefilled Ompi Alba glass syringes, distinctly surpassing the traditional hand-drawn methods used by other companies. Our state-of-the-art, automated filling process not only ensures unparalleled precision and consistency in dosing but also significantly enhances safety and efficacy. A standout feature of our syringes is the impressive 365-day Beyond-Use Date (BUD), the longest available in the market. This extended BUD underscores the stability and longevity of the medication, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to a product with maximum shelf-life without compromising on quality or effectiveness. By employing high-quality Ompi Alba glass syringes, we further guarantee the integrity and purity of Bevacizumab, providing healthcare professionals and patients with a superior, reliable, and safe therapeutic option.

Precision Manufacturing

Medivant Healthcare excels in producing sterile injectables vital for healthcare. Our automated facility in Chandler, Arizona, is a hub for producing Single Dose Liquid Injectable vials (1-10 ml). Adhering to cGMP and FDA standards, we prioritize quality and safety in our daily output of 40,000 vials, aiming to alleviate medication shortages across the U.S.

Commitment to Quality

Our operations are defined by stringent quality assurance and continuous innovation. Skilled professionals in our Quality Unit ensure the highest standards through advanced testing in our analytical and sterility labs. Emphasizing research and development, we strive to advance pharmaceutical manufacturing, meeting and exceeding FDA regulations.