Medivant Healthcare Facility

Chandler, AZ- Vial Manufacturing

Medivant Health operates a full scale, fully automated cGMP injectable manufacturing plant in Chandler, Arizona designed to meet rigorous safety and sterility cGMP regulatory standards. Drawing upon over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience, our leadership team has built a top of the line, premier manufacturing facility that ensures product dosing precision, automatic syringe inspections, and complete automation. Through our vetted process of automatic batch testing at multiple stages, we ensure sterility of our products and exceed quality assurance and reliability standards. We have built our facility with growth in mind so that we can operate at scale efficiently, reliably, and safely.
All our critical equipment is re-qualified every 6 months to ensure that our product quality remains top notch.
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Our fully automated manufacturing tank (compounding vessel) operates under ISO 7 laminar flow hood and can mix products up to 240 liters, allowing us to make large batches. The machine is fully automated thereby eliminating any human error from this critical manufacturing process.
Our filling machine can fill vial sizes between 1ml and 30 ml at a speed of 100 vials per minute. The filler operates under ISO 5 environment and we use pre sterilized ready to use vials from worlds leading vial manufacturers ensuring reduced quality variability.
All products manufactured at this site are terminally sterilized with an overkill approach of 10 log 6. The sterilizer is versatile allowing us the flexibility to sterilize multiple vial sizes.
At Medivant Healthcare, we manufacture our sterile water for injection in house so that we can control the largest variable in any injection. After all, most injections are mainly water as the active pharmaceutical ingredient and WFI is the carrier for all injectable medications. Our WFI system has been procured from a leading north American manufacturer and is supported by our SS316L orbital welded WFI loop. The system is capable of giving output of 6 GMP allowing us room for future expansion.
Medivant has invested in a high speed semi-automatic inspection machine where in 2 highly trained visual inspectors can inspect up to 100 vials per minute. Keeping in line with GMP guidelines these inspectors are changed every 30 minutes to ensure fresh pair of eyes are inspection vials for any particles or cosmetic defects. Medivant also has an inline labeling machine where the machine can label up to 200 vials per minute. The labeling machine is also DCSA compliant.
Keeping up with requirements, Medivant is now able to offer serialization of products at pack level.
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